Find your desired Country, Choice of university/college and course of study offered by Universities and Fee Information.

A brilliant score in your exam is definitely needed for admission to your desired university. But that is just one factor that universities abroad consider while assessing each applicant’s profile.

We offers prospective students a full range of counselling/advising services on:

  • Career Counselling
  • Assistance with choice of University / Course of Study (Where necessary)
  • University Application / Admissions Processing
  • Visa Application and Interviews Guidance
  • Work-Study Information
  • IELTS coaching & English Testing Guidance
  • Accommodation Arrangement Guidance
  • University Scholarship Information
  • Guidance/ Assistance with tuition payment (Where necessary)
  • Info on cost of living and Studying Abroad
  • Pre-departure Briefings / Travel Arrangements
  • Visa Counselling/ Packaging