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Profile assessment – A brilliant score in your exam is definitely needed for admission to your desired university. But that is just one factor that universities abroad consider while assessing each applicant’s profile. They also take into consideration your academic scores at school and college level, extracurricular achievements, Letters of Recommendation (LORs), Statements of Purpose (SOPs) and application essays.

Match your profile with desired colleges – Choice of university/college and course of study, we understands and differentiates the needs of students for pursuing Professional and Academic courses.

Shortlisting Universities – We prepare and share a list of 15-18 universities with their application deadlines and target scores. Target scores are based on your current profile and preference. Final list of universities is then prepared that are categorised into your chances of admission. Visa Chief team is here to give you the knowledge and confidence to choose the right program. To know more about all the course from Universities around the world get in touch now

IELTS Coaching – We are a prep institute that can prepare you the right way. IELTS is an English proficiency test, for admission in an English speaking university and also for migration. To support your learning needs, for four the modules we are offering our IELTS Coach online course for INR 3,500 for a limited period.

Your admission letter is a great accomplishment and a reason to celebrate. But your journey isn’t over yet! You need to make sure that you get your visa. We step in to help you with your visa application and paperwork.